Project NatureConnect 1965-2015

Project NatureConnect

Mike Cohen, Ph.D created Project NatureConnect to offer people a way to realize their connections, not only to each other, but to the Natural world.

The pioneering mission of Project NatureConnect is to help humanity’s thoughts and feelings beneficially tap into nature’s renewing natural attraction love that flows in, around and through us. This mind-recycling process gives us the ability to strengthen nature’s purifying and healing power in ourselves and others through natural sensory connections in natural areas.

EcoArt-TherapyThe goal of EcoArt Theapy is to help reconnect people and businesses with the restorative, healing powers of the Earth. The Eco-Art Therapy courses teach that people are part of Nature and shows that many of our problems are the result of our having separated ourselves from its intelligent ways. EcoArt helps us learn to listen to the songs of the Earth and then apply those messages to our everyday lives. EcoArt combines art and nature in fun, experiential activities helps promote self-discovery and well-being. Like nature, artwork facilitates the surfacing of a chain of subconscious emotions and memories. It is often easier for people to connect with their deeply underlying, internally hidden beliefs through the art or nature experience than it is through verbal discussion alone.

Project NatureConnect and EcoArt Students and Graduates are encouraged to submit articles they have written to share with other visitors of this blog. Your submissions maybe be personal journal entries, academic documents, or something as simple as a reflection to something you found attractive in nature.

Links to your website/social media pages will be included, if applicable. Students and Graduates may also submit articles anonymously.

We greatly appreciate your support and help in advancing Educating, Healing and Counseling with Nature.

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