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Project NatureConnect & EcoArt | GreenWave Intelligence: Strengthen Peace, Stop the Madness

Butt-Naked Truth Produces Hard-Core Sanity 

Are you aware that our world-wide personal, social and environmental disorders result from the runaway growth of Earth Misery Day?

Are you aware that GreenWave Intelligence solves the unsolvable? It is the omission of its art, science and love that permits our hurtful trespasses to continue.


Abusive, misguided or disturbing childhood psycho-emotional experiences are producing youngsters and adults who suffer the painful effects of these injuries.

The disastrous outcomes of childhood psycho-emotional disturbances underlie most of our runaway conflicts, disorders, abusiveness and criminality.
Domination by scientific and other objective information wounds 85 percent of a child’s 54 natural senses and reduces their resilience. This is because these senses are viewed as “subjective.” The alienating rejection of them produces our runaway psycho-emotional injuries and damages global biodiversity.

When we hurt, we want; when we want there is never enough. We unreasonably become dependent on destructive fulfillments. That’s our core problem.

The wise and warrantied art and science of GreenWave Unified Field Intelligence produces information and relationships that validate a person’s 54 natural senses as self-evident facts of life. Any science or reasoning worth the name must include, not exclude, them.

The use of the GreenWave Unified Field promotes lasting genetic transformation and global wellness that reverses our psycho-emotional injuries and their destructive effects while supporting biodiversity.

We suffer because the posture of central and established education and relationship building in the USA and elsewhere is encouraged to omit the contribution of GreenWave Intelligence to well-being.
www.ecopsych.com/saneearth.html  (SaneEarth.com)

Because it is reasonable, at Akamai University and Portland State University, Project NatureConnect is establishing for the United Nations and the United States an Office of Greenwave Intelligence. The office will have the power to determine any individual’s or institution’s eligibility for funding or operating based on its support, knowledgeability and actualization of GreenWave Wisdom.

Rooted in the work of Albert Einstein, by implementing the balancing powers of the Unified Field, the Office will increase personal, social and environmental well-being and justice as well as reduce spending as it globally produces a healthier environment and population.

Question: Why wouldn’t you want to mentor and implement the fiduciary wisdom of  the GreenWave Intelligence rather than further support the catastrophic Earth Misery process?

What is your GreenWave percentage?  Please contact me if you want to be part of this project.

For Peace on Earth through Peace with Earth,

Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.


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